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A Stewartstown Railroad excursion train at the end of the line in New Freedom in 1985. The red brick building in the background was an insulator manufacturing facility and was torn-down in the 1990s. The track nearest the photographer is the former Pennsylvania Railroad's Northern Central Division mainline.

​Photo by Raymond E. Reter. Used with permission.

Donations to the Friends are greatly appreciated. Your donations help the Friends to support its members in their volunteer efforts to preserve the Stewartstown Railroad. You may donate to the Friends general fund or you may direct your donation to a specific project. Donations directed to a specific project are used ONLY for that project.
     The Friends organization provides various supplies to support our members so their presence on the railroad's property does not create an additional financial burden to the railroad. The Friends provides items such as bottled water, paper and household products (paper towels, bath tissue, soap, etc.) as well as some materials needed in their volunteer tasks. As you are probably aware from maintaining your own households, these items do add-up quickly!

​     Please send your donation check or money order to:

Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad, Inc.

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