Friends of Stewartstown Railroad seeking to raise funds to resume rail service over historic bridge

The Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad, Inc. are soliciting donations to install 25 new bridge timbers on the historic Iron bridge. Also known as Valley Road Bridge, or bridge #7, it is the single oldest structure on the Stewartstown railroad.

The rail line in the nearby vicinity has been out of service to trains since 2004 when a minor derailment demonstrated the need for a significant tie rehabilitation program. Running full-sized trains over the revitalized Iron bridge will be a significant milestone in the expansion of passenger excursions. Train rides currently stop just short of the Iron bridge due to the need for bridge timber replacement.

New bridge timbers have already been purchased. Funds raised will be used to pay for installation by a professional contractor. Unfortunately, due to the height and length of the bridge, we do not feel comfortable asking volunteers to perform this dangerous work. Donations in excess of the contractor fees will be used to purchase ties to expand the length of class 1 track beyond the bridge. A total of $9,500 is needed and $9,262 has been raised so far, nearly 98%!

The Friend’s goal is to raise the remaining funds within the next 60 days. We need assistance from people like you to make this dream come true. After an absence of 15 years, passengers will once again be able to experience a ride over the more than 150-year-old bridge on a Stewartstown Railroad train. You can help make this happen! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation via

For those more comfortable with PayPal, donations toward our campaign can also be made here:

Or, Donations can also be mailed  to:
Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad, Inc.
C/O Iron Bridge Restoration Fund
PO Box 456
Stewartstown, PA 17363

Thank you.