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The Stewartstown Railroad is a tiny 7.4 miles long "shortline" railroad located in south central York County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1884 and opened for service in 1885 by the farmers and merchants in the Stewartstown, Pennsylvania area, it is one of the last railroads in the United States still operating with its original name and under its original charter. The railroad connects its namesake Stewartstown, Pennsylvania with the Boroughs of Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania and New Freedom, Pennsylvania where it connects to the once mighty Pennsylvania Railroad's Northern Central Railway division.
     We like to say that the Stewartstown Railroad is an AUTHENTIC AMERICAN ANTIQUITY, as it is, indeed, authentic. While its mainstay in recent decades has been its tourist excursion trips, it has also provided freight service to the once-bustling manufacturing and agricultural industries along the Mason-Dixon line.
     Unlike many "tourist" or "heritage" railroads that have been established across the United States on abandoned spur lines of larger railroads, the Stewartstown Railroad is the real thing. Its "new" main station and office building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Stewartstown was built in 1914 to replace an even older structure that stood only two blocks away on Mill Street. The enginehouse in Stewartstown on Hill Street was built at its present location about the same time. The tiny Turnpike station in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania (sometimes referred to as "Hungerford" after a large canning facility once located in the area), dates from the early 1920s. All of these structures are on the National Register of Historic Places, along with several bridges on the line. And all have served the residents and businesses of south central York County for many decades.
     The members of the Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad are working with the railroad company's management team to help preserve this unique property for future generations to enjoy. We hope you will join us in our efforts to keep the Stewartstown Railroad---An Authentic American Antiquity---operating along its 7.4 miles of track through the Deer Creek Valley of south central York County.

The Stewartstown Railroad's main station and headquarters building in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.

Photo by Earl Long. Used with permission.